External Videos

Installing a Solar Panel

This was a surprisingly straightforward task (even for me), yet whenever sealant is involved I always manage to make things look very messy. Nevertheless, the solar panel fits perfectly on the roof and should give me enough power to turn at least one of my roof fans on.

Fitting a Rear Door Ladder

According to the instructions in the ladder kit I bought, it should take 50mins to install... Join me in the most unexciting race against time to get my ladder fitted on the rear of my van.

Fitting Windows

Stress on top of stress. I was worried enough about fitting the windows themselves, but it turned out getting them off was the real challenge. After multiple failed attempts, as they're plastic, I ended up attacking them with a heat gun and a putty knife...

Installing a Roof Vent

Find me on the roof of my van, scared and alone. After attacking the old roof vents with a crowbar, I tried to carefully and messily fit my new vents, whilst simultaneously trying to pretend I know what I'm talking about.