Electrical Videos

Wiring a Consumer Unit and Plug Sockets

The last bit of electrical work that I need to complete was to wire a consumer unit from my inverter and from that, a couple of plug sockets. This would allow me to charge things like my phone and laptop, as well as plug in a TV and other household electrical items.

Installing a Chinese Diesel Heater

There are a variety of ways that you can heat your van, from LPG heaters to log burners. I decided to buy one of the cheap Chinese diesel heaters that everyone seems to be raving about. I also thought it would be a lot easier as I had an existing fuel line I could connect too...

Wiring up my Roof Vents

Despite the messy and over-complicated process of fitting my vents on the roof, wiring them up was very straightforward and much more rewarding. I chose to wire them individually to my fuse box and I'm pleased to say both work wonderfully. Very cool.

Wiring 12V Lights

This is hands down probably the most amazing thing I've ever done. I'm not exaggerating. After days and days of researching electrics, followed by hours and hours of trying to put this into practice, whilst trying to pretend like I know what I'm talking about, seeing lights turn on at the touch of a button was absolutely unbelievable.

Installing an Inverter

The final piece of the puzzle! Inverters will convert my electrical system's DC current into AC, allowing me to wire in household plug sockets so I can power things like TVs, phone chargers and laptops.

Fitting a 12v Fuse Box

If you're wanting to include a lot of 12v appliances in your electrical system, then it's essential to add a 12v fuse box first so you can individually protect each appliance. As well as that, I added a Victron Battery Protect which helps prevent my batteries from getting overly discharged.

Wiring a Solar Controller

Wiring my Victron solar controller into the system was surprisingly straight forward, although I'm still getting my head around all the data available in the Victron app...

Installing a Voltage Sensitive Relay (VSR)

Luckily I already had a VSR installed so this video title isn't entirely accurate, however you'll be able to see how it's wired up, plus I added a circuit breaker to the system as well.

Wiring Leisure Batteries and Monitor

The first instalment in a series of electrical videos looking at adding my batteries to power my electrical system. I also added a Victron battery monitor with bluetooth so I can monitor my battery from my phone like an absolute pro.