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Cladding and Carpeting

Towards the start of the build, I stuck some auto-carpet to some of the exposed internal areas of the van using spray adhesive, I then waited until I had my kitchen and furniture built before fitting my cladding to the wooden battens running along my walls and ceiling.

Wiring a Consumer Unit and Plug Sockets

The last bit of electrical work that I need to complete was to wire a consumer unit from my inverter and from that, a couple of plug sockets. This would allow me to charge things like my phone and laptop, as well as plug in a TV and other household electrical items.

Plying and Building a Retractable Table

Now that all my furniture had been built and I'd finished my wiring and plumbing, I next needed to clad my bench and bed frames with ply. As part of this, I built a retractable table that pulls out from underneath the bed.