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A wide angle shot of the newly painted interior of the van

Painting & Tiling

Despite the below freezing temperatures and the very short days, I decided to get cracking on one of the last major jobs in the van which was all of the painting and varnishing in the van. As well as that, I decided to use porcelain tiles to create a small splashback in the kitchen.
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Interior of the van fully clad in pine

Cladding and Carpeting

I decided to use auto-carpet to cover some of the more exposed areas and then used tongue and groove boards for my main cladding on the walls and ceiling. I fastened the cladding in place using a series of wooden beams that I'd previously screwed to the metal frame of the van.
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All the components used to wire my consumer unit and plug sockets

Wiring a Consumer Unit and Plug Sockets

I was a bit apprehensive dipping into AC electrics after spending such an immense time researching my DC electrical system. It turned out to be relatively straight forward just wiring a consumer unit from my inverter and from that, three plug sockets.
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