Plumbing a Kitchen Tap and Grey Water Tank


TOTAL: £78.13

You can see a diagram of my full water system here.

I had already installed my tap and sink as part of my kitchen installation, so it was just a case of connecting my tap to my water system and then my sink to my grey water tank. 

Some people prefer not to have a grey water tank at all and simply have their waste pipe coming out a hole in the bottom of the van but I opted to have a 23L grey water tank sitting under my sink instead.

Hooking up my tap

Water pipe feeding my kitchen tap

Although my tap has a hot and cold water inlet, I’m only going to be supplying cold water to my tap, so I’ll have cold water coming out of both. 

First I screwed some 12mm male valve connectors into the end of each water inlet pipe so that I’d be able to connect them to the water pipe. 

I then cut two short lengths of 12mm water pipe and fixed one end to both the hot and cold water pipes for the tap and then both the other ends to a T-connector. I fastened them in place with 12mm jubilee clips. 

I cut another short length of water pipe and connected one end to the T-connector and the other end to a ball lever valve. This is to allow me to isolate the tap from the water system if need be. 

Using a hole saw, I then drilled a small hole in the floor of my kitchen unit, being careful not to drill through one of the cabinets feet. I then fed some water pipe from the T-connector in the back of the van, underneath the kitchen units and up through the hole and connected it to the other end of the ball lever valve. 

Connecting the sink to the grey water tank

The sink I bought came with a plug that simply screws in place either side of the sink. It then came with a short waste pipe that screws into the plug. 

The waste pipe is very flexible, so I fashioned something that slightly resembles a U-bend. I then connected an extension waste pipe to the end and fed this down into the top of my grey water tank. 

Lastly, I used a couple of 40mm pipe clips to fix the waste pipe in place to the inside of the cabinet. 

If you have any questions at all, feel free to ping me an email or drop me a message on Instagram!